Feed.fm’s Lauren Pufpaf On How The Right Workout Music Can Lead To A Better Experience

Feed.fm's Lauren Pufpaf on what to expect when starting your own business
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Finding the right workout music can be a real drag. Just when you’ve mentally prepped yourself to pound the pavement for a long run or get your lazy ass to the gym, you toss in your headphones and realize that you’re still listening to the same tunes you did three years ago. This can immediately be a distraction, and cause angst as you try to focus on having the most efficient experience as you get your sweat on.

But leave those blues behind you, because, finally, there’s a solution to all those bad songs that just keep popping up on your workout music playlist: Feed.fm.

Feed.fm knows that music drives authentic connections. Whether those are emotional or otherwise, having the right songs goes a long way in how moods change, how people interact and how productive a person might be — especially at work or in the gym. It’s why the company created a platform that delivers an integrated experience that increases engagement, loyalty and conversion for businesses, while also launching a fitness product called Health.fm, which, according to a Fortune.com article, is “much more about the science behind how a particular song, for example, can work with your body to drive the physiological change that you want,” per Feed.fm’s COO Lauren Pufpaf.

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With both Feed.fm and Health.fm’s playlists being partially curated by algorithms, the company actually employs a human ethnomusicologist who is the final decision-maker on everything that comes through the speakers or headphones. So, whether you’re hitting a yoga class and want something peaceful, trying to set a PR during a 5k and need something upbeat or just a business that wants songs to fit the image of the company, Feed.fm’s got it all covered for you.

We got the chance to talk with Lauren Pufpaf to get more details on Feed.fm, talking about the history of the brand, as well as while getting some of her thoughts on what’s important when starting a business — and it doesn’t always include investing lots and lots of money.

Shut Up & Hustle: What Is It Your Company Does?

Lauren Pufpaf: “Feed.fm is a technology platform that makes it easy for brands to legally harness the power of music to engage and retain customers. We handle all the licensing and curation of the music, make it super simple to stream the music via our API and measure the impact of music for our partners.”

Shut Up & Hustle: Describe How You Got The Idea For Feed.fm.

Lauren Pufpaf: “We were experimenting with other B2B music applications when Anheuser-Busch called and said they literally couldn’t figure out a way to stream music in one of their festival apps. A light bulb went on and we realized there was a huge hole in the market, and that we had all the right resources to fill it.”

Shut Up & Hustle: What Differentiates You From Your Competitors?

Lauren Pufpaf: “We focus 100 percent on building amazing, white labeled digital music experiences for our customers. Very few other companies handle the licensing, plus the streaming and curation, and offer sophisticated analytics on top. We have a unique end-to-end solution.”

Shut Up & Hustle:  Where Do You See Feed Expanding From Here?

Lauren Pufpaf: “We’re a platform that’s built around content (music, video, podcasts) and Data. We’ve had a lot of success in the initial application of that, which is non-interactive music experiences in mobile apps. But, there’s so much more to come.

“We’re now ingesting some really interesting inputs from our partners, like biometric performance data that can be leveraged to make sure we’re serving the right song at the right time. We’re also expanding our offering in to interactive/on-demand to make sure we can support our partners in all the ways they want to deliver content to their users.”

We talked to Feed.fm's Lauren Pufpaf about what to expect as an entrepreneur
Image via Feed.fm

Shut Up & Hustle: Talk About Challenges, And How You’ve Been Able To Overcome Those

Lauren Pufpaf: “Finding product market fit is a challenge for 99 percent of startups. We approached it methodically and experimented until we found the right audience that got instantaneous value from our product. As annoying as it is, the saying is true; ‘product market fit is hard to define,’ but you know it when you’ve got it.”

Shut Up & Hustle: How Have You Measured Success?

Lauren Pufpaf: “We’ve always focused on happy customers and making sure we’re both improving our partners businesses and delighting end users. From there, revenue growth is the next step. As a SaaS business, we’re super focused on MRR and retention. And none of it is worth it if you’re not investing in good people and helping them grow and learn along the way.”

Shut Up & Hustle: Who Have Some Of Your Mentors Been To Help Scratch Your Entrepreneurial Itch?

Lauren Pufpaf: “Joanna Drake of Core Ventures Group has been key in helping me think through potential risks and decide when to make a leap. It helps that she has a family and has also led multiple startups, so she understands the insane organization it takes to try to stay on top of it all.”

Shut Up & Hustle: What Advice Would You Give An Aspiring Entrepreneur?

Lauren Pufpaf: “One thing I always espouse is to have a bias to action. Don’t overthink it, just get out and start learning. Start small and learn. Interview other entrepreneurs, intern and try things on for size before you really commit.”

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