Sometimes, All It Takes Is Knowing That Somebody Else Has Your F*cking Back

Having support from just one person can lead to increased confidence, and here's why
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Having support from somebody, anybody, can go a long way in giving you confidence to go out and succeed. It’s not something groundbreaking or new, but it is something that doesn’t happen enough because, well, people just don’t seem to open up as much as they once did — unless it involves pointing a phone in their own face for a selfie or video for social media.

But here’s the thing, just recently, I was reminded about why support from someone else is so clutch. That old adage about it “only taking one?” Yeah, it’s true in pretty much all aspects of life, not just when looking for a job or trying to find the ideal significant other.

That’s because, just when you think you’re down in the dumps and shit around you seems to be crashing down or uncertain, getting a text or a call from somebody who actually cares can help ease your mind. It can be the difference between going into something timid and going into something prepared, excited and confident, knowing that, hell yeah, you’ve got this shit.

When you know that someone is thinking about you and supporting you, it goes a long way for your psyche. It’s like a coach who stands there to pump up a team before taking the field, or simply when you get a text from someone who wants to hang out — hey, humans like attention, right? And, since supporting people is so important, here are a few simple ways to do it best.

You Can Support Someone By Just Listening

You don’t need to know all the answers, guys. Hell, you’re not supposed to know all the answers, so don’t be afraid to shut up and listen to someone else sometimes. That means sitting back and absorbing their fears or worries, and just letting them vent about stuff. Just being there by offering an ear to listen goes a long way in helping them deal with whatever it is they’re going through.

Too often, we think that showing support is solving the world’s problems. It may just be sitting there quiet and listening, though.

Don’t Underestimate Your Value

To fully support another person means to understand your value to them. This can be tricky since we all have insecurities or fears, but the bottom line is that you’re there for them, which is more than some other people can claim. Whether it’s a coworker, best friend or even a stranger, being present goes a long way in adding value.

Support Someone By Simply Being Available

Remember that little example I referenced above? Well, here’s the quick backstory: my buddy has been out of work since late last year and has been having a hell of a time trying to find a job. He’s married. He has three kids. He’s been successful both personally and professionally. But he’s still scared AF about what might happen with his latest job interview.

Knowing his fate at that job was all but going to be decided today, I simply sent a text message to support him and show him that I was thinking about him. It might not be anything big. It isn’t anything that will guarantee he’ll get the job. But I’d like to think that, as someone whose been on the other end of a message like that, it helped ease his mind knowing that there was another person who actually gave a fuck.

Show Empathy

Along those same lines, showing support is all about being empathetic. When you have empathy for someone else’s situation — and they’re aware of it — it allows both of you to open up and be as honest as possible. It eliminates judgement. It helps evaporate fear. It proves to them that you can relate in some form.

Tell Them How You See Them So They Can Feel It Themselves

Reminding someone else that they’re pretty badass is always going to make them happy; even for those stubborn or shy people who don’t accept compliments very well. It gives them confidence and an inner strength that they might not have understood prior to your support, which can go a long way in how they carry themselves.

For example, if your best friend is so hung up on not knowing what they want to do with the rest of their life, remind them that they’re good at something and that, just maybe, they could pursue that passion as a career. Or, if they’re just down in the dumps about not having anyone to date, remind them how they’ve seemed more confident the past few times you’ve hung out because they’re starting to get to know themselves a little better.

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