‘In The End, Nothing Bad Will Come Of This’: 5 Things To Remember When Trying Something New

Trying something new is scary, but there are lots of lessons one will learn
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Trying something new probably terrifies you, and that’s normal. Considering we live in a society where we’re all worried as hell about being “perfect” — which, by the way, isn’t possible — plenty of us worry about failing when putting ourselves out there and taking on a new task. Here’s the thing, though, it shouldn’t be that way; and it doesn’t have to be.

True story, I was just sitting at a coffee shop talking to a pal of mine named Nasir (who’s provided wisdom gets a shout-out here). He’s about 20 years older than me, which means he’s sort of experienced a shit-ton more than my 30-something-year-old self has, so his opinions often stick with me. As we were catching up about all the things going on in our lives, I started catching him up to speed with all that’s going on with Shut Up & Hustle, describing all the moving parts that have my little pea brain moving at a million miles per hour.

Mentioning to him how excited I am about things, there was definitely some angst in my voice, admitting to him that there are more than a few things I have no fucking clue about when it comes to starting a business — and that’s how it’s supposed to be. I’m not expected to know everything, and he was quick to remind me about that, ultimately saying, “in the end, nothing bad will come of this.”

See, told you Nasir has some A+ wisdom through his experiences, right?

Nasir’s simple advice got me thinking about a few things that we should all remember when trying something new, and why it’s OK to be fearful, anxious, excited and, well, you get it, there will be lots of emotions. Take a look below to find a few lessons you’ll learn by simply doing something for the first time, which, hopefully, pushes you to stop worrying and start trying.

Trying Something New Teaches You A Lot About Your Interests

I’ve always loved music, but I come from a family with two sisters who are fucking insanely talented at it. My older sister, Cristina, taught herself guitar and can read music. Basically, she hears something, can pick up an instrument and can play harmony. My little sister, Alexa, can play numerous instruments, and was once told by someone in Aerosmith that she should quit her day job to legit go on tour. See, told you they’re pretty talented.

As much as I’m interested in doing something in music — singing, learning guitar, etc. — my fear comes from the fact that my sisters have mastered it. They’ve already set the bar really high, and the fear of failing scares me from even taking the risk. It’s a stupid way to think, so I need to push myself, stick with the learning curves and see if I’m actually any good at it or not; because I’ve always been interested anyway.

You’ll Become More Courageous By Putting Yourself Out There

Think about this common scenario for a second: You’re at a bar watching a ton of people singing karaoke. You listen to some good, some bad and some very ugly performances, which makes you think that, just maybe, you could have the courage to get up there and sing in front of a crowd of mostly strangers. Thing is, you’ll never know until you actually try.

No, you’re probably not going to sound like Frank Sinatra or hit every high note like Carrie Underwood, but just getting over your fear of trying something new will be a rewarding experience for you.

It’ll Give You Experiences That May Even Surprise You

Using that previous example about singing karaoke, think about this scenario: You think you’re pretty good at singing, but nobody has ever actually heard you sing before. Most of the time, that’s because you’re scared about being judged and not living up to someone else’s expectations. Fuck that noise, stop comparing yourself, man.

Imagine getting over the fear of singing in public and absolutely blowing everyone’s minds because you can belt every single lyric and hit all sorts of ranges. It may not lead to you snagging a record deal overnight, but, who knows, that satisfaction could be enough to inspire you to start a YouTub channel of you singing, or joining a choir, or even finding a band to sing with. Yep, all that can happen by simply taking the risk.

By Trying Something New, You Won’t Have Regrets

Very few people ever say they regret trying something new. Sure, we might not all leave satisfied with a result, but that’s different than being upset that we simply attempted something.

On the flip side, there are tons of people who regret never trying, wondering why they simply didn’t have the guts to put themselves out there and take a chance. From starting a business to opening a restaurant to quitting their job to pursue a passion project, it’s easy to look back and wonder “what if…?” Get over that fear, stop over-thinking things and starting doing whatever the hell you really want to do, you’ll figure it out along the way.

In The End, Nothing Bad Will Come Of This

To repeat Nasir’s advice about trying something new: “In the end, nothing bad will come of this.”

Are you always going to be successful? No. Are you going to fail? Yep. Are you (hopefully) going to learn from those failures and adapt? If you’re passionate and driven enough, you fucking bet you will, because you will keep hustling until you get the result you want.

When you realize you’ve got nothing to lose, you’re already winning half of the battle. You won’t psyche yourself into thinking that failing is a bad thing, but, instead, an opportunity to learn. And, even if you ultimately give up on whatever journey you’re on, you can apply those lessons to the next chapter in your life.

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