If You’re Doing These Bad Habits At Work, You’re Holding Yourself Back From Success

When your bad habits come into the workplace, they can really hold you back from success
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Bad habits can be a real pain in the ass. From biting your nails to smoking cigarettes to eating junk food all the time, when these things creep into your everyday life, they can lead to some regret. But when you allow yourself to practice bad habits in the workplace, well, that’s when things can be a bigger issue — because you could be holding yourself back from ultimately being successful, costing you a chance to move up in your career.

Not long ago, we gave you some of the successful habits that billionaires shared — which hopefully help you think about a few things in your own life — but, since we’ve all got bad habits, we figured we’d tell you about some of the worst ones to bring into the office.

Now, it’s not our job to sit here and tell you that you’re doing a bunch of stuff wrong, but, because we should all want to become the best versions of ourselves, we do think it’s important to identify these poor habits, admit to them and then try to fix them. It won’t happen overnight, but, over time, you should see improvement, which could lead to better success in the workplace.

What Are Some Bad Habits People Are Doing In The Office?

Obviously, there are a number of bad habits that people are bringing into the office, but many might not think of them as factors that could be holding them back at work. That’s worrisome, because, if you’re doing any or all of these, your overall success could be impacted.

Wasting Time

How are you really spending your days at work? If you were to think about all that you accomplished in a week, could you pinpoint it and detail results to your boss? If not, you may just be wasting time and not meeting expectations.

We’ve all had those days where we just show up and go through the motions, and that’s OK. But if you’re allowing yourself to bring bad habits into the office like checking Instagram, replying to messages on dating apps, reading a bunch of nonsense online that’s unrelated to your work or anything else, you’re not proactively helping yourself grow in your career.

Practicing Bad Physical And Mental Health

With the majority of young workers stressed out or unhappy in their careers, it’s not always easy to focus good physical and mental health; but, damnit, it’s so important to do. Whether that’s taking time for yourself after work to sneak in a workout, or eating right by actually taking a lunch during the work day, or decompressing by shutting down your computer at a certain time every day, when you’re not taking time for yourself, you’re not going to be at your best.

Overworking can lead to poor eating, sleeping and physical routines, which are some of the bad habits that could actually lead to someone losing their job. So make sure you keep things in check when it comes to finding some balance in life.

Waiting For Opportunities Rather Than Creating Your Own

There’s a big difference between people who take chances and go for their goals, and those who sit back and wait for them to come to them. The ones who are most successful in life are the former, as they understand that nothing will be given to them, and that everything has to be earned.

Sure, we’d all like to think the universe is on our side and “fate” will allow us to fall into the successful places we want to ultimately get to, but it doesn’t work that way. If you want something in life, not just with work, you need to create your own opportunity — so that means pitching ideas to your boss, having a positive attitude at work and collaborating and networking with people in order to build relationships and learn as much as you can.


Want to know when gossiping was cool? In middle school, when everyone was struggling with awkward phases of baggy pants and acne. When you’re a professional who’s trusted to help grow a company, the last thing you want to be known as in the office is the person who talks crap behind coworkers’ backs, throwing others’ under the proverbial bus to help make yourself look better.

Even if you’re not the person taking part in the gossip, if you’re surrounding yourself with those who do, you’re joining a group that’s practicing one of the worst bad habits in a workplace. This one’s a real culture killer.

Caring About What Other People Say Or Do

Nobody follows a follower, right? To get noticed at your company and really stand out, you need to be confident, bold and be free to voice your opinion without worrying about others’ opinions. If you’re one of those people who sit around and care about what your coworkers say or do, you’re not leading, but, instead, just going with the flow. This type of mentality’s holding you back from all the good things you could be offering a company, big or small, so stop being so timid and break out of that shell of insecurity.

Being Late

It’s annoying to your friends and family when you’re late for an event, but it’s about 10 times as irritating when you’re making your coworkers sit there and wait for you. Whether it’s showing up a few minutes after the start of a meeting, being unprepared for a presentation or simply distracting others with questions that were already asked before you arrived, this is one of those bad habits that cannot be brought into work.

We all have our days when bad habits creep into our lives; that’s normal. But it’s on you to try and channel enough discipline to fend off these things from becoming routine in order to become more productive, and successful, in your career.

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