These Are The 6 Successful Habits That Multiple Billionaires Share, According To Research

According to author Rafael Badziag, these six successful habits are most common in billionaires.
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Successful habits can be tough as hell to fall into. From going to bed at or around the same time each night, to sticking to a strict schedule for finishing work in order to avoid work stress, to unwinding in order to try and find the right work-life balance, it takes discipline in order to find what works best for everyone. But if there’s one thing that successful people have taught us, it’s that discovering — and sticking with — successful habits is the path to accomplishing great things.

At least that’s what Rafael Badziag seems to suggest. Badziag, the author of the book “The Billion Dollar Secret: 20 Principles of Billionaire Wealth and Success“, an entrepreneur and an expert in the psychology of entrepreneurship, came to find that, after talking with an impressive 21 different billionaires for his book, they tend to share similar traits.

In order to gather his research and figure out exactly what successful habits these billionaires shared, Rafael Badziag spent five years doing face-to-face interviews with each entrepreneur — having at least a net worth of $1 billion. These habits were the foundation of the overall success for each billionaires’ business and financial gains, so it’s interesting to see how so many of them overlap.

Waking Up Early

Not a morning person? Enough excuses, because, of the billionaires that Rafael Badziag spoke with, one of the shared successful habits was getting up and starting their day early. We’re not talking about a little bit earlier than the normal person, either, but, like, 5:30 a.m. — which is what the average wake up time from the billionaires Badziag spoke with was.

Need more proof that getting up earlier will lead to more success? Richard Branson, the Founder of Virgin, is up and starting his day around 5 a.m. each morning.

Keeping To A Healthy Lifestyle

We can all come up with some reason why we can’t leave the office to eat lunch. Or use work as an excuse for not having time to hit the gym. You know who finds time to practice healthy living, though? Yep, the billionaires that Rafael Badziag spoke with in his book.

Regardless of age, every single billionaire that Badziag spoke with said that he or she stuck to some sort of exercise regime as a successful habit. Whether that’s hopping on the treadmill to sneak in a few miles, or hopping on a spin bike for 30 minutes, exercise is a great way to bring mental energy and strength, as well as bringing the obvious physical benefits, too.

Contemplating And Asking Themselves Questions

Nobody is a finished product, so it’s only natural to ask questions to help challenge and adapt to things in life. For many billionaires and high-earning people, that means asking things like this:

  • “Am I happy in my job?”
  • “How can I be more involved in my community?”
  • “Where else can I earn additional income?”
  • “Am I exercising enough?”

Most successful people are their own biggest critic, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that contemplating things in their own lives is one of the common successful habits of billionaires.

Reading Something Other Than A Phone

We live in a day and age when most of us struggle to just put down the phone and grab a book, newspaper or magazine. That’s so unhealthy, though, it could literally do serious damage to you in the long-term.

Of the billionaires who Rafael Badziag spoke with, all of them said that they read — and a lot. Warren Buffett spends 80 percent of his days reading, and Mark Cuban says he reads for three hours each day to learn about the industries he’s working in, helping him stay educated. Reading is one of those successful habits that takes a lot of work to stick with in today’s digital world, but it’s something that’s paid off for lots of successful entrepreneurs.

Developing Good Routines

It’s one thing to take the advice above and do them for a couple of days or weeks, but it’s a whole new level when the successful habits become everyday routine. That means there aren’t anymore excuses for sleeping in, and no more “but I…” for skipping the gym. If you want to be more accomplished, you need to stick to a good routine.

This could be things like simply eating breakfast in the morning, or going for a run, or reading, or unplugging after a certain hour. Whatever works best for you in order to be most productive and efficient, do it.

Practicing Discipline

It’s easy to give into a request from a friend to hit up a Happy Hour after work when you know you need to exercise. Or to book a weekend trip that you probably shouldn’t go on given your financial status. Want to know what that’s called? Lack of discipline. You’ve got to learn how to have the ability to tell people “no” to better yourself.

According to Rafael Badziag, such things don’t tend to happen with the billionaires he spoke with in “The Billion Dollar Secret: 20 Principles of Billionaire Wealth and Success“, explaining why that is.

“The billionaires I interviewed are the most disciplined people I have ever met,” Badziag wrote. “They put a high standard on themselves and on the people around them.”

That’s important advice, but it also comes with a bit of a caveat; because, like any human being, billionaires also forgive themselves when they need to have time to themselves. After all, nobody’s a robot.

“But billionaires are by no means superhumans or perfect working automatons,” Badziag wrote. “They also sometimes feel lazy like you and me. The only difference is: They are aware of this fact and they don’t let themselves slack. They take up the struggle to overcome their weaknesses.”

That means that, while we should all be as disciplined as possible in the decisions we make, when looking to develop successful habits, it’s all about making sure the good choices outweigh the bad choices in order to stay on course.

Successful Habits Really Can Be The Key To Happiness

Just because we’ve given you the successful habits of some billionaires doesn’t mean you’re all of a sudden going to follow in their footsteps should you follow suit. However, when you do find the right balance and schedule for you, you’ll find happiness in nearly everything you attempt.

From work to relationships to everything in-between, developing — and sticking to — these habits will help you build the right foundation for yourself. Make a game plan and go out there and execute it.

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