Going To Work Can Suck, But This Advice Can Motivate You To Make It Into The Office Even When You Don’t Want To

Struggling to motivate yourself to get to the office? These tips will help overcome that.
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Struggling to motivate yourself to get to an office every single day? You’re not alone, as many people find themselves worrying about a morning commute, overall work stress, and the general feeling of looking prim and proper for a professional setting.

Let’s face it, going to work can be a drag sometimes. In some cases, it could be a Monday and you’re just coming off a high of a great weekend with friends, family or simply relaxing. In other cases, you’ve been burning the candle from both ends and, because of it, are a bit burnt out, leaving you uninspired to go through the same routine for whatever reason. Don’t be so hard on yourself, though, that’s just human nature.

Instead of getting frustrated about not wanting to go to work, there are some self-improving ways to motivate your brain to get you excited about headed into the office — no joke. Sure, it helps if you love what you do for a living, but, as we know, even those people can struggle to get out of bed and be positive some days.

Since it’s important to be the best version of yourself as often as possible, CNBC had Suzy Welch — a best-selling management author — reveal a simple maneuver in which a person can almost trick themselves into being motivated to go to work each day. Hey, if it works, we’re all for it.

Why Do People Struggle To Motivate Themselves For Work?

According to the CNBC piece, Suzy Welch said that, when she first started covering and writing about careers about 10 years ago, she was “stunned” at how frequently people just couldn’t motivate themselves to come into work each day. In fact, while the number was never exact, she believed it to be “upwards of 20 percent.” That’s telling.

Naturally, this led to the bigger question of why these people struggle with the whole going into the office thing. Some of these factors were things such as money, kids and, according to Welch, “all the messy complexities that make life, life.” That last part almost sounds defeating, doesn’t it?

Alas, there are options, guys, because no one has to be miserable and struggle with getting out of bed each day, looking for any possible work excuse out there. It just takes a change in mindset to motivate yourself to become more calm and optimistic about what lies ahead in your work day, knowing that the situation you’re in isn’t going to last forever.

What’s The Best Maneuver To Motivate Yourself To Go Into An Office?

Sure, we all wish we could be happier, right? Human nature — and all those little “messy complexities” Welch mentioned above — don’t allow that to happen all the time, unfortunately. But that doesn’t mean we can’t retrain our brains to focus on something else.

Welch says that, anyone who’s struggling to motivate themselves each morning for work, needs to live by a simple mantra that “digs deep and makes meaning out of your personal messiness.” Essentially, she adds, it’s a “thesis,” where a person uses the power of positivity to overcome that dreaded feeling of going into work, and is able to draw a bigger picture meaning for what lies ahead in the day to come.

“I had a mantra once, back when I was working 50-hour work weeks as a single mom with four young kids,” she says. “It was, ‘Stay the course,’ which was shorthand for, ‘This is how kids learn the importance of hard work and sacrifice; I’m doing this for us.’”

While it’s good lip service to think that a change in mentality will do the trick, Welch is quick to shut down the theory, as she adds that suddenly changing you mantra isn’t a permanent fix, but, instead, a “coping mechanism, not a cure.” But it is a start.

Remember, Your Focus Becomes Your Reality

Like a good gym routine or a plan to stick to a new diet, trying to motivate yourself to go to work each day takes discipline. It’s not going to happen overnight, and, yes, your new mantra can (and probably will) expire. Take this in stride and use it to your advantage, says Welsh.

When that happens, it’s “actually a good thing, because if your mantra has expired, your alarm clock is a literal wake-up call” that signals it may be time for a new job.

Many entrepreneurs often say that showing gratitude each day is a positive trait that leads to a more successful life. Take this new mantra of yours as your way of being grateful. Apply it to your life every morning as a reminder that, yes, this will pass and you will come out stronger. Although not easy to do, when you wake up each morning with optimism rather than defeat, you’ve already won the battle to motivate yourself in a positive way, thus making work more bearable.


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