Tupac Mosley: The Homeless Teen Who Became His High School’s Valedictorian And Earned $3 Million In Scholarships

Tupac Mosley's a high schooler from Memphis who went from being homeless to graduating valedictorian of his class and earning $3 million in scholarship money.
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Tupac Mosley delivered a message to his fellow graduates at Raleigh Egypt High School in Memphis during his valedictorian speech: “Never let your current situation, whatever circumstances you’re going through, be a mountain that you can’t climb.” That might sound like the usual words of encouragement from a super smart teenager as he goes off to college, but Mosley isn’t your typical high school graduate, because he overcame homelessness to maintain a 4.3 grade point average, score a 31 on his ACT, earn $3 million in scholarships and finish top of his class. How’s that for climbing a mountain?

According to an interview with FOX 13 in Memphis, Tupac Mosley refused to allow his family’s challenges be an excuse for not working hard in school. After Tupac’s dad recently passed away — leaving his family hustling to try and pay the bills — they eventually got evicted, moving house to house. With the help of a nonprofit organization called For the Kingdom, which provides campgrounds for teens and children in Memphis, Mosley and his family moved into a cabin to have a steady home as he finish his senior year.

After Tupac Mosley’s story was reported by local news, CNN picked it up and had the inspiring teenager discuss the situation. Take a look at what he had to say below as a guest on the network’s show New Day.

There are a lot of successful people in the world who have grinded their way towards great things. For a teenager like Tupac Mosley to maintain his focus and drive following his dad’s death and overcome homeless, it’s incredible enough that he graduated high school. The fact that he also finished as valedictorian and with $3 million in scholarships is even more remarkable. It’s a true testament of the world hustling and not making excuses.

While talking to CNN, Mosley added that he had set a personal goal of reaching $1 million in scholarships in an effort to “do the best for my school,” and, until graduation, he had no idea that he received $3 million. The success of Tupac wasn’t a surprise to the principal at Raleigh Egypt High School, Shari Meeks, who mentioned that the teen always has a smile on his face, and that his family hardships were never an excuse for him.

As for Tupac Mosley’s family, he said that they’ll soon be moving into a permanent home and out of the cabin and that he’s going to attend Tennessee State University starting in the fall, majoring in electrical engineering. When it comes to his own success and humility surrounding his story, he’s quick to toss out credit to his family, friends and the people at his school.

Per CNN:

“They have all been a great support to me,” he said. “As I’ve been worrying about finances and money for most of my life, to know that I can be doing something that I’m enjoying for my next four years and really … starting my career off is … refreshing and motivating.”



“I can do this with confidence not having to worry about anything else.”

There were probably plenty of encouraging words that Tupac Mosley received from people during the struggles he had to deal with during his high school days, reminding him that everything would be OK. Rather than just agree with them, he activated them, and now he’s going to college for free because of his drive, grit and hustle.


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