Jordan Harold Already Went Viral, Now He Wants To Use That Same Hustle To Sack NFL Quarterbacks

Former Missouri Tigers defensive lineman Jordan Harold holds his sign in front of the Carolina Panthers' practice facility
Image via Instagram/willkunkel

Jordan Harold just wants a shot. The former Missouri Tigers defensive end’s name has been popping up all over the Internet the past few days because of his hustle, which included standing in front of the Carolina Panthers’ practice facility with a sign that read “Will Pass Rush For Hot Wings… I Slipped Through The Cracks” — a risk most people wouldn’t dare take because of the public humiliation it could bring. But not Jordan Harold, who knows that it takes this kind of effort for him to live out his dream. Take a look at the quick Twitter video from Will Kunkel of FOX 46 in Charlotte below.

Most recently playing football for a team in Mexico, Jordan Harold has his eyes on the ultimate prize: an NFL career. And, while most people wouldn’t have that type of humility, Jordan Harold isn’t most people. He has a passion. He has a drive. He knows he’s got the talent to not only make it in the NFL, but to make an impact as well. And because of those traits, among others, Jordan sat down with us to talk more about where the motivation came for him to pitch his case to the Panthers, as well as talk in more detail about why he deserves a chance to play in the NFL.


While talking to Jordan Harold about his story, it’s obvious that he’s just now getting used to the national attention that’s coming his way, openly joking that he’s “getting used to it” when referencing all of the media outlets that are hitting him up left and right. It might be unfamiliar territory for the former Missouri Tigers co-captain, but it’s something that he’s relishing, telling us where the encouraging words for the idea to put himself out there even came from.

“Honestly, my mom came up with the idea last year, and I had been wanting to do it, but I had no idea where the Panthers’ practice facilities even were.


“After coming back from Mexico, I found out that all the facilities were at the stadium, so I just thought, ‘OK, I’m just gonna do it,’ and I decided to add in the hot wings thing because, man, I really do love hot wings.”



“I just thought that adding that in there would be fun, and it would be something that would capture people’s attention. Obviously, I think having that phrase definitely did that.”

Guilty pleasure aside, this isn’t the first time Jordan Harold stood by a practice facility to get noticed. Back when he was first transferring to Missouri, Jordan actually did something similar to catch the eye of the Tigers defensive line coach, doing anything he could for a tryout, which comes from a trait that was instilled in him early on by his mom.

“It started when I was kid, you know. I saw my mom work and pull us out of a situation when I was younger, and she kind of set the standard for me.


” She always said I could grow up to do anything I wanted to, and growing up with that belief makes me grateful for how she raised me.”

Due to that passion, drive and near-obsession to succeed in what he wants to — which, in this case, is making the NFL — Jordan Harold said that it’s led him to do anything he can to reach that goal. Yep, that even means standing outside the Carolina Panthers’ facility with a sign to get noticed.

“I’m not going to stop until I get my shot (in the NFL).


“I actually had a job, it was a sales job, and I saw how I could make good money and start my own office. But, man, I’m young. I understand that you only have one life, and we have more power over this life than we think we have. And I know that we can really do what we want to do if we just put our minds to it.


“You know, I’m just not going to settle, especially when I know I don’t have to. So just going out there and hustling and living that testimony is something that I think can help other people understand that  as well.”

With Jordan Harold’s story now all over the news and in sports circles, the NFL hopeful told us that, while the Panthers haven’t yet offered him any sort of contract, they did take down his information, giving him hope that his NFL dream could become a reality in the not-so-distant future.

“I did hear from the Panthers, yeah, but I understand that rosters are full at this time, so, looking forward, who knows what may happen? I’m pretty sure that it will happen. In fact, there’s not a doubt in my mind that it won’t happen.”

It’s that kind of confidence that makes Jordan Harold someone who’s easy to root for. And, when we asked him to give an elevator pitch to sell himself to every single NFL team out there, he didn’t hesitate in describing his hard work, leadership and just one opportunity to prove that he’s worth the risk.

“Man, you’re putting me on the spot, huh?


“All I need is an opportunity. All I ever need is a door to get through, then I’ll do the rest. No team has anything to lose, but everything to gain.


“The real question is, ‘why not?'”



“Being on the journey I’ve been on, it kind of a certain mindset and an outlook on things that will help me in the future in the league, no matter what team I sign with. I’ll continue to be a leader with any team I’m a part of, and to go through those things have helped shape me to be the person that I am today.”

As anyone who hears his pitch can tell, Jordan Harold has high expectations for himself. He doesn’t just believe that he will be in the NFL, but he fully anticipates being a player who will make a serious impact once he reaches the league — he just needs one team to buy into what he’s selling, and, given his football journey and rise from Northwest Missouri State to walk-on with Missouri to a starter and, finally, to co-captain, nobody will be surprised when he’s living out his goal and playing on Sundays.

But just making the NFL isn’t enough to Jordan, because he plans on dominating and being a leader for years to come. Don’t believe that? Listen to who he said was the quarterback he looks forward to sacking the most in the NFL.

“Why not the greatest whose ever done it, right? I’m going Tom Brady, man.

Finally, when it comes to role models and pro athletes who he looks up to the most, it’s easy to see why Jordan Harold expects greatness from himself. Harold isn’t one to just be part of the crowd, but, instead, wants to be remembered for becoming legendary on and off the field, even saying that LeBron James is the athlete he most aspires to be.

“There are plenty of NFL athletes, like Von (Miller) or Khalil (Mack), who I watch to see how they do things on the field athletically and all that. But, really, my favorite athlete is LeBron James.


“The things that LeBron’s been able to take upon himself and stand up for and to lead; it’s really big. The fact that he did everything with his I Promise school, that’s everything that I wish I can do, and more. So he’s definitely someone who I look up to.”

Jordan Harold has already experienced a wild football life to this point. He’s been able to overcome adversity, and has been able to be successful in everything he does because of a mindset that’s rare for anyone to have, not just an athlete. Harold knows how to be successful, even after failing multiple times. He’s been to “no,” but he hasn’t let it defeat him. And, it’s because of that hustle, passion and strong work ethic that was instilled in him by his mom at an early age that he’ll go from viral Internet star to the NFL soon — where he’ll be sacking quarterbacks like he devours hot wings.

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