Bill Gates Reveals The Advice He’d Give His Younger Self (And It’s Something We Should All Use)

bill gates gives his advice he'd tell his younger self.
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Bill Gates has an estimated net worth of $100.6 billion, per CBS News, but, believe it or not, yes, even he has a few tips he’d tell his younger self about doing things a little bit differently. Funny thing is, even at age 63 and all the success and influence in the world, Gates continues to try to reinvent himself, which is something everyone should admire given his global stature.

While there probably aren’t too many regrets out there that Bill Gates would admit to making in his younger life, that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t still try to teach himself a lesson say, oh, 35 years ago when Microsoft was just becoming huge. In fact, in a Reddit AMA a couple of months ago, Bill Gates was asked the advice he would give his younger self and his answer was pretty damn relatable for even the common folk.

“I would try and make myself more self-aware without getting rid of the focus and desire to learn.”

That might seem vague, but when digging a little deeper into Bill Gates’ previous interviews about lessons he’s learned over time, it might not come across that way. That’s because Gates has admitted before to being an introvert, and even going as far as calling himself “overly intense and socially inept,” in the recent Reddit AMA. As an example, in a 2015 feature with GQ Magazine, a young Bill Gates was described as reportedly being demanding and sarcastic in his earlier days as CEO of Microsoft, even going as far as spying on employees to see which employees were working overtime or on the weekends.

Take a look at the video below that shows a young Bill Gates in 1984, where, albeit confident and successful about nine years after Microsoft launched in 1975, was still humble enough not to admit that he thought he was a genius for developing what he did. Well, not publicly, at least.

While Bill Gates has some tips for his younger self, he’s still trying to encourage younger people about the importance of learning each day, remaining curious and applying those things to become successful each day of their lives. Here’s what Gates had to say during a 2017 interview about those specific topics and how he applies them to his own life.

[Curiosity is] “an amazing thing,” Gates said in a 2017 interview, “where you try to predict what is going to happen, and then, when it doesn’t, you think: Well, that drug didn’t get invented, that stock didn’t go up, that approach wasn’t popular. What is it about my model of the world that’s wrong? Who could I talk to? What could I read?”

It’s a tribute to Bill Gates’ work ethic that he continues to improve himself each day. Sure, it helps that he’s got $100 billion in the bank, but success isn’t only measured by dollar bills, it’s also measured by personal values. Given his curiosity and desire to learn, Gates allows himself to continue to improve himself and think in ways many other people just don’t do.


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