Stop Just ‘Liking’ Encouraging Words And Start Putting Them Into Action

encouraging words can only take you so far, so start acting on them to take control of your life

Encouraging words are a lot like Halloween candy; you can get a lot of them, but you might not actually do anything with them when all is said and done. Now, before you just ignore that analogy, hear me out, because something hit me the other day while scrolling through Twitter that got me thinking, and, dammit, I just needed to share that wisdom with you.

How many of us find ourselves “liking” things on Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook and, well, any other popular social media app because there’s a certain inspiration that hits us? Probably every single one of us. We waste a couple minutes mindlessly looking at pictures and reading captions, and we end up double-tapping the damn thing to give it our approval. What if I said I didn’t think that was enough, though? What if I said those encouraging words of motivation are being wasted?

That’s what I asked myself the other day on Twitter as I came across a tweet from Sean John founder and Shark Tank investor Daymond John, who used some encouraging words to try and inspire his followers. I happened to be one of them, and, while I “liked” his message, it didn’t necessarily lead to me going out and accomplishing my dreams — and that needs to change.

Far too often, we see encouraging words on social media as a pick-me-up. We use them to help motivate us for, oh, about three seconds until we see some dumb video of a dog skateboarding — which, in reality, is actually always fucking funny. Does anyone else see a problem with this, though?

Instead of wasting time trying to get motivated by these encouraging words or sayings, wouldn’t it be best to go out and start living these encouraging words for ourselves? I mean, sure, reading some heartfelt message from Tony Hawk while surfing a gnarly wave with the sunset behind him is awesome, but how does that get you any closer to living out your best life? Unless you do it for yourself, it doesn’t.

Shut Up & Hustle was born off the mentality that anyone can do anything that they put their damn mind to. As long as there’s passion, there’s strategy, there’s drive and there’s a little luck, everyone can get what they seek to have, it just takes work. All of those encouraging words you’re “liking” might make you feel good, but they aren’t helping you put things into action.

You can either live the life you want to or gawk over the lives of others who have accomplished what you can do. Which one sounds more fun? Yeah, the latter. So it’s time to stop just “liking” encouraging words and, instead, start putting them into action — you’ll be amazed at the shit you can do.

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